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Valentine’s Day Card Scavenger List

Valentine’s Day Card Scavenger List

Supplies: Scavenger list, kids will need Valentine’s Day cards, pencil
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Originally created for a 5th grade class it can be easily adapted for other grades.
After the students have passed out their Valentines divide them into teams. The teams can be as large or as small as you'd like. Give each team a copy of the Valentine Scavenger list.  Team members combine their Valentines to try and find the items on the
list. Which ever team gets the most items on the list wins.

Valentine’s Day Card Scavenger list:
1. A Valentine with the words “BE MINE”
2. A Valentine with a cartoon character on it.
3. A Valentine with some type of sports equipment on.
4. A Valentine with a celebrity on it.
5. A Valentine with an animal on it.
6. A Valentine with candy attached.
7. A Valentine with the word “SWEET” .
8. A Valentine that rhymes.
9. A Valentine with a pun.
10. A Valentine with a smiley.
11. A Valentine with some form of transportation on it.
12. A Valentine with a tattoo included.
13. A Shiny Valentine.
14. A Valentine with a sticker.
15. A Valentine that has some type of number on it.
16. A Valentine with a joke.
17. A Valentine with an adjective.
18. A Valentine with an adverb.
19. A Valentine with an imperative sentence.
20. A Valentine with an exclamatory sentence.
21. A Valentine with a declarative sentence.
22. A Valentine with an interrogative sentence.
23. A Valentine with a heart on it.
24. A Valentine that comes in an envelope.
25. A Valentine with the word “LOVE” on

Thanks, Brenda W.

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