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Valentine Bull's Eye Game

Valentine Bull's Eye Game

Supplies: Cardboard or posterboard, craft supplies to draw and make paper arrows
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Version 1 is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with Hearts and Arrows instead.

Make a large (poster board size) heart painted into a bullseye board with a large heart in the center. Make cardboard arrows, large enough to write children's names on one side, and backed with doubled sided tape. You will also need a blindfold, any kind will do (if there is some parent in your party who might complain about something as rare as lice, I highly recommend making a card board blindfold, with an elastic or rubberband strap, or a cheap pair of sunglasses with the eye pieces blacked out.)

To play, place the blindfold on the child, spin them around 3 or 4 times, hand them and arrow and point them to the heart. The child then tries to place the arrow in the center of the heart. Based on the number of children you can have the closest 1, 2 or 3 win prizes.
Thanks - Margaret

Version 2 is a Target Game involving creating a Heart Bullseye

Take a piece of cardboard and draw a heart outline and then overlay target circles. Then color in the target. Once you have all the circles drawn label point values for the each area of the target. The area outside the target has a value of zero, the next ring in is worth 5 points and as you get closer to the center of the target the values go up by 5 points and the bulleyes should be worth 10 more points than any other area on the board becuase it is most difficult.

Since the objects being tossed at the board do you have points (child safety issues), show the kids the target and inform them that they will be aiming to land their heart candy, kiss or other item in the center of the target. The place the target on the floor.

Each child is given three Valentine's candies or a Valentine themed item or beanie baby to toss at Heart target. After the childs turn, record their score, pick up the tossed items and then the next child goes.

Play one, two or three rounds and the child with the highest score wins a small prize.

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