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Super Bowl Squares

This fun Super Bowl game lets everyone have a chance to win, but the hard part is that you don't know if your numbers are good or not as it depends on luck and how the teams play. A fun Super Bowl Game even if the game isn't. Super Bowl Squares video below shows you how to play.

Super Bowl Squares

Take your sheet of paper and create a large square. (This can be done on a computer too.) Now create 10 columns and then 10 rows in the square. This should give you 100 squares. Determine the number of guests and give each guest an opportunity to select “x” amount of squares. Have each person place initials or name inside box, just make sure 2 people don’t have the same initials. So if 10 guests they get 10 boxes, if 12 each guest gets 8 boxes and 4 will be left blank.

Once all the boxes are selected, place numbers 0 – 9 in a hat and randomly draw out a number one at a time. Then go across the top of the square and the first number drawn would be the value of the first column. Then do the second and so on until each column has a number. Now do the same thing, but for each row going down.

Now you have numbers for each column and for each row. Now you need to discover which team will be the columns – top or the rows – side. So place the name of each team in a hat and draw one to be the Columns and then the other will be the Rows.

Now each square on the board has a value. To best understand the value, here is an example.

Before the game the Game Score is 0 – 0. There is a square on the board where Column 0 and Row 0 meet, so this would be the 0 – 0 box. The person who has their name in box 0 – 0 would win a prize if the score was 0 – 0 at the end of the 1st Qtr. and would win a prize.

As the score of the game shifts the person who has the square shifts, this makes the game fun for all players, even if they are not into football.

We give away small prizes at the end of the:
1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, And a large prize for the Final Score.

Printable Super Bowl Games

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