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College Football Elimination Trivia Game

Hosting a College Football Championship Party and need something fun to do during the 2 hour pre-game show?
College Football Elimination is Updated for the Alabama - Clemson Game in Tampa, FL

College Football Elimination is the Answer!
We've created a College Football Trivia game that even challenges trivia know it alls but allows that who don't know it all to still have fun because we Give You ALL the ANSWERS!

This game is perfect for the Alabama - Clemson Game, Jan. 9th, 2017
We've mixed College Football Trivia & History, Alabama Trivia, Clemson Trivia, and even a few 2016 College Football Stat questions to create a challenging trivia game for the big game. Based on our testing about 14% of those playing will get the Semifinal Round Questions all correct and less than 8% can get the Championship Questions all right. Combined fewer than 3% can answer ALL questions IN A ROW correctly. Miss a Question and you are ELIMATED. (Unless you're host allows otherwise.)

College Football Elimination Details - How to Play
1. Each Game has 2 Rounds of 8 Questions - Except the Final Round the has 11.
FYI - Based on feedback we reduced to 8 questions, because people said everyone got eliminated! So we made changes because you having a good group in the final trivia round is fun a we do offer a final tie-breaker if it comes to that.
2. An MC/Host reads the Questions and 2 Answers.
3. Guests have to choose the Correct One, either A or B.
4. Correct Answers Stay in the Game - Choose Poorly and you are Eliminated.

UPDATED for 2017 - College Elimination - Now Gives you Blank Trivia Sheets too!
So you can play as a pure Football Trivia Game or as Elimination!

College Football Elimination Trivia Game
College Football Elimination is geared toward teens & adults but anyone can play. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

College Football Trivia Game
College Football Elimination Game
is by

This Championship Trivia Game includes
General College Football Trivia
BCS & 2016 Stat Questions
Alabama Football Trivia
Clemson Football Trivia
and Answers to Every Question!

College Football Elimination
Fun for Individual or Team Play
Works for Groups up 120 people
Various Game Play Options

College Football Elimination Trivia Game $4.95
College Football Elimination Game Sheets
A & B Sheet for Players - Print as many as many as you need
Instructions for Small & Large Group Play

Use PayPal to pay with PayPal or Credit Cards
Note you will leave the site to make you purchase. Once you make your purchase the College Football Elimination Trivia game will be emailed to you. How the Printable Game Download Process works.

Our College Football Elimination Trivia Game haas a great mix of questions that range from easy, normally the first and second questions and to more detailed ones that guests might throw up there hands and say "How am I supposed to know that?" and that is actually the point. If everyone could get the Elimination questions right then, well that would be know fun and while some people may know Alabama trivia how well do they know Clemson trivia and that makes things interesting.

Party Game Ideas worked hard to make College Football Elimination interesting and challenging, we hope you have fun and come away with some new trivia facts that you'll have fun sharing with others.

Perfect for Alabama Football Fans, Clemson Football Fans and anyone who loves College Football Trivia.

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