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Yarning For Treasure

Yarning For Treasure

Supplies: Yarn, hiding places, cans or bottle, clues, bucket, small stick or pieces of wood, imagination
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You will need to divide your group into teams of 4 or 5 and you will need a different color of yarn for each team. So know how many teams will be playing before you go shopping. Adapt the game as needed.

Take each roll of yarn and cut it into different lengths (8 and 16 inch lengths) and then hide the yarn around the house, leaving some will be easy to find other yarn should be harder to find and hidden.  (The kids will be searching for it – so put in places where they are allowed to go.) Also in different areas line up the cans or bottles, one for each team member of each team, so if you have 4 teams of 4 you need 16 bottles. (Save plastic water or soda bottles a few weeks in advance and you should have plenty – or just reset the one bottle after every turn then you only need 4 bottles). See clue examples below.

Divide up the team and place guests at a starting line and explain the rules. Each team is assigned a color (blue, red, yellow, etc…) and will send out one person at a time to search for colored yarn that is hidden around the house or yard.

You must collect enough yarn so that you can tie it together add a piece of wood to the end and then use the yarn and wood to knock over a bottle or can. The bottle should be placed 5 or 6 feet away so it is a challenge and this means they need to gather 5 – 8 pieces of yarn. Make sure you have a toss line and a bottle line so the distance is the same. Once they have knocked over the can they can then collect a clue from the Pirate. (Parent or game host) and then tag the next person in line to go Yarning for yarn.

As each player goes the yarn gets harder and harder to find, so the lead can change quickly when the third or fourth players have their turns. They must each complete the task of finding yarn and knocking over the bottle.

Once they have all the clues, they must work together to determine what to do which in the end will lead them to the final clue which will then give them an idea where the treasure is.

Your clues will lead to the task of tying they yarn together and using it to toss the stick and yarn in a bucket. The bucket should be 15 feet or more so it is a challenge. Once they get the stick in the bucket they can the last clue where the treasure is.

Clues you can use for the bucket toss.
One can not do this task alone.
Uniting your color will help you reach
Cast away from the “place of the starting line” you must
Land in the pail to receive your next clue, I trust

Once they land their yarn in the pail, they receive the final clue which they need to figure out to find the treasure. Make the clue as easy or difficult as you want based upon their age group.

- Need Help with Your Treasure Hunt Clues? - Consider Riddle Me 1,000's of Clues for You!

This game is best played where you have space and can be inside and outside. We often hide the yarn inside and have the team’s bottle and bucket toss outside. While it takes a while to set up this is a fun game that involves tying, tossing, searching, clues, teamwork and treasure who could ask for more.
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah

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