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Sock Game

Sock Game

Supplies: Lots of socks, basket
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Get to laundry baskets or containers and add the same amount of socks to each basket, 10 or 15 socks each if possible.

Now split the kids into two groups. The groups are told that they will have 60 seconds to see how many pairs of socks they can place on their feet. One person from each group goes at a time and once 60 seconds is gone you record how they did. (note, everyone gets a turn)
The person with the most socks wins.

Sock Team Relay Game
This version is a little different but has the same concept.

Split the group into two teams and give each team a basket with 10 socks in them.

Now line up the team beside each other and let them know that they must put on all 10 socks and then walk to a point or around a chair (placed in the room, best if one chair per team) and return to their team so they can take off the socks.

Once they take off the socks then the next team member goes and does the same thing. This continues until everyone has gone and if team are uneven just have one person go twice from the smaller team. First team done wins.
Thanks, Candy

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