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Outdoor Games for Birthday Parties, Picnic, Family Gathering and any time when the kids are looking for something FUN to do Outside!
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Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids. Creative
and Fun Games for Picnics, Cookouts, Pool Parties
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Outdoor Party Games for Birthdays, Holidays, Picnics and more

Whether hosting a birthday party, picnic or outdoor party when kids get together they want something to do. Well here are outdoor party games and activities that will help keep them busy, tire them out and allow them to have fun..
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Outdoor Party Games and activities include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Water Balloon Target Game

Supplies: Bulls Eye Target, Water Balloons, Hot Weather, name markers

The concept is simple, throw water balloons at a target and record results. Then have plenty of balloons for a water fight afterwards. Adapt to age group, best for 8 and up.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Amy

Bucket & Sponge Relay Race

Supplies: 2 Buckets, 2 equal sized sponges and 2 glasses or containers of the same size.

Kids race with a wet sponge to take water from the bucket to the other end of the course and fill up a glass.
Wet, wacky and good fun in the summer time. Can play as teams or individuals.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Justine

Hunger Games Party Game

Supplies: Large outdoor space, multi-colored discs or squares, colored tags, scoring board, mega phone or person with loud voice

Our Hunger Games outdoor game is a mix of capture the flag, scavenger hunt and the Hunger Games theme. It's fast paced, challenging, competitive and takes a little luck to win. The game is writen for individual play but can be altered for team play.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sarah & The Party Game Ideas Team


Supplies: Paper plates or sheet of paper, space, grid sheet, pens

This takes Minefield from the computer and turns it into a party game where your team tries to safely make it across the minefield. Play as teams or individuals and in any large area. Helpful Minefield pdf's reduce prep time
Game details and instructions

Towel & Apple Toss Games

Supplies: Towels, Apples or a ball like tennis / baseball / softball, buckets / containers

This game is perfect for fall and can be played with tennis balls or softballs as well as apples for play anytime. We offer several game ideas involving using towels and apples to score points or go for distance. A quick idea for afternoon and party fun.
Game details and instructions

Freeze Tag

Supplies: Open Space

A tag game where the person who is it tags someone and the freezes them. Other player try to unfreeze them without getting tagged themselves. Fun and burns off energy.
Game details and instructions

Red Light, Green Light

Supplies: Starting line, finish line

When one player yells Red Light, everyone must stop, but can they freeze their position or will they move and have to go back to the start line. Fun outdoor game for kids.
Game details and instructions

Clean Your Room

Supplies: Socks, rice, fence (curtain or some divider), outdoor area

No one likes cleaning their room, unless it is a game where you win if you have the fewest socks on your side of the room or area!
Game details and instructions
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The Star Game

Supplies: Glow in the dark stars, yard or outdoor area

Take glow in the dark stars and toss them in the yard. Then during the party tell a story about falling stars and tell the kids to go outside and see if they can find any. Find the most and win.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, LuAnne

Watermelon Games - From our Family Games Section

Supplies: Watermelon and various supplies based on each game

Kid's parties, family reunion, picnics and summer holidays bring families and friends together. We've come up with a list of simple and fun watermelon games that will have kid's rolling, spitting and enjoying watermelon. Pool and land games too.
Various Game details and instructions

Variety of Water Balloon Games

Supplies: Filled up water balloon, warm weather

Various takes on water balloon games, but in the end everyone is likely to get wet! Water balloon toss, hot potato, war and more.
Game details, instructions, several game variations
Thanks, Karrie

Needle in a Hay Stack

Supplies: Hay bales, large tarp, a few dollar bills aluminum foil, wrapped candy like laffy taffy, outdoors fyi this is a messy game.

The kids will enjoy this hunt for toys and prizes game that involve a hay bail and kids. Perfect for summer picnics and outdoor events.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cynthia

Shopping Lists

Supplies: Shopping lists, pen and paper, loud voices

This communication game has one group of people yelling a shopping list to other who are 25 feet away. They first team to complete the list correctly wins.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Dilamani

Balloon Booty or Bust Game

Supplies: Balloons, garden cane or piece of wood that you can put a pin on, garden netting/net, high place to hang, adult supervision

Kids either get the booty or pay a price in this game involving, prizes, water and balloons; great for outdoor fun during warm weather months. Adult Supervision
Game details and instructions
Thanks Esther

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