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Balloon Party Games for Birthdays, Gatherings and Family Events. You'll be Surprised by all the Balloon Games.
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Variety of Balloon Party Games for Kids. Many of these Balloon Games
involve Poping, Stuffing
and other Silly Activities.

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Balloon Party Games

Parties and balloons go together and we created a selection of Balloon Party Games for kids birthdays or any occassion where you have kids and balloons. From Keep the Balloon Up to Balloon Burst these games are perfect for birthday parties or any time.
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Balloon Party Games and activities include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Balloon Target Game

Supplies: Bulls Eye Target (3 feet by 3 feet), balloons and space

Create a target on the floor and have kids blow up those long skinny balloons. Now release the balloons and watch them fly… Everywhere! And sometimes they hit the target too!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Amy

Balloon Burst Game

Supplies: 2 -3 Balloons per child, Pieces of paper

Kids, balloons and prizes what is not to love. In this game kids get balloon to discover whether or not they have won a prize. Easy to adapt to your age group, recommended between 4 – 10.
Game details, instructions and vaariation
Thanks, Kendra P.

Balloon Booty or Bust Game

Supplies: Balloons, garden cane or piece of wood that you can put a pin on, garden netting/net, high place to hang, adult supervision

Kids either get the booty or pay a price in this game involving, prizes, water and balloons; great for outdoor fun during warm weather months. Adult Supervision
Game details and instructions
Thanks Esther

Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay

Supplies: Balloons, bubblegum (wrapped, individual pieces

This game is pretty simple crawl to the balloon pop it, find the gum, unwrap, chewy, blow a big bubble, then race back tag the next person in line and they go do the same thing. Whew!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Adam

Balloon Stuff Game

Supplies: Oversized clothes and balloons

Teams race against each to stuff as many balloons into a team members clothes as possible without popping them; a fun and entertaining game that can be played several times.
Game details and instructions

Balloon Stomp Game

Supplies: Balloons and string or rubber bands

In this game balloons are blow up and tied around the ankles, guests run around trying to pop other guests balloons without theirs getting popped. So expect to see a lot of high stepping during this game.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Pearl

Balloon Keep It Up

Supplies: Balloons

Keeping a balloon up in the air sounds easy, but what if you had to hit it with your knee, head, elbow or some other body part then it sounds fun! Kind of like a standing twister game
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sarah
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Grab the Most Balloons Game

Supplies: Balloons

How many balloons could you grab and hold, if you had had time to grab as many balloons as you could? Well find out with this game of creative way to grab all the balloons you can.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Kellie

Variety of Water Balloon Games

Supplies: Filled up water balloon, warm weather

Various takes on water balloon games, but in the end everyone is likely to get wet! Water balloon toss, hot potato, war and more.
Game details, instructions, several game variations
Thanks, Karrie

Fun Balloons for Your Party

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