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Birthday Party Games and Ideas for Young Children 3 - 6, Boys and Girl 7 - 10 and Older Kids - Just Adapt the Game to Your Event
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Birthday Party Games and Party Ideas for Kid's Ages 3 to 16. These Party Games include Birthday Classics, Scavenger Hunts and Unique Themed Party Games.

Kid's Birthday Party Games

You’re hosting a Birthday Party or Event for lots of kids, so how do you get the perfect party game? Cater to your guests, select unique and original party games help and plan to have fun. Party games for kids under 6 should be simple and fun, for kids 7 – 10 you want silly and fun games with challenges, once kids get older party games get a little tricky, so deciding whether or not to have games may depend on the group - consider brain teasers, outdoor games and sports games, scavenger hunts or a murder mystery.
Kids Party Games

Kid's Games, Birthday Party Games

Kids Games Complete List - 70 Kids Games & Activities
Action Kids Party Games - Races, Bingo, Charades, Relays, more
More Action Party Games - Treasure hunts, clothes games, food games, knots, more
Children's Party Games 3 - 6 - These games are best for young children
Word, Memory, Brain Teaser Games - These games will challenge them
Outdoor Party Games - Fun games that get them out of the house
Balloon Party Games - Stuff, Burst or Blast - These all involve balloons
Printable Kids Party Games, Ready to Play Birthday Games
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Kid's Birthday Party Games include game name, supplies and how to play the party game. To learn more about the birthday party games and get game details, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the details link. Have a great Birthday Party!

Golf Ball Croquet Game

Supplies: 1 pair of Panty Hose per team, 2 golf balls per team

Both the girls and boys will be wearing panty hose for this funny game that has the kids hitting golf balls around the room or at least trying to! Takes coordination so suggested for 8 and up.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Wendy K

Toothpick Marshmallow Tower Game

Supplies: Toothpicks, mini-marshmallows, adult supervision

A creative challenge to see who can build the tallest marshmallow toothpick tower. Sounds easy but you have to be fast and creative to win this game. Suggested for ages 10 and up.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Tiffany

Mystery Gift Pass

Supplies: Gift, box, wrapping paper and slips of paper

You pass the Gift and then the music stops and you have to unwrap a layer of wrapping paper. Do you have to answer a question? Hop on 1 foot? Or did you win a prize? This unpredictable game is fun for all ages.
Game details, instructions and printable variation
Thanks, Paul

Unwrap the Gift Game with Poem

Supplies: Gift, box, wrapping paper and slips of paper

This gift unwrapping game includes rhymes / clues that identify he gets the gift next. This rhyme / poem clues are geared for a children's birthday party or social event.
Game details, instructions and printable variation
Thanks - J Peers Mom

Gift Grab - Card Game

Supplies: 2 decks of card, 5 – 10 small gifts

Take the idea of a Holiday gift grab and apply it to a kids party where they can get and steal gifts. This is made easy by using decks of cards, so it is a lot more random than other gift grabs.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Shirley

Crazy Ping Pong

Supplies: Ping pong table, ping pong balls

Take an ordinary ping pong table and turn it into a battleground involving lots of hot air, focus and unexpected action as teams work to score points on the other team, without a paddle! Fun for kids, teens and adults.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Cathy T.

Musical Chairs

Supplies: Chairs, music, someone to man the music

Musical chairs is a classic game that with a few twist here and there, can make it very unique. We have basic, advanced, group and a young children’s version of this game.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Christina and Chelsea

Egg and Spoon Race

Supplies: Eggs (or other similar items), spoons

How fast can you move while keeping an egg balanced on a spoon? Well kids and adults can be challenged to race against each other in order to finish first. Relay option noted.
Game details and instructions

Birthday Bingo

Supplies: Do it yourself Birthday Bingo or purchase printable Birthday Bingo

Take a classic like Bingo and add a Birthday and what do you get? A good time of course! We provide you with ideas so you can make do it yourself Bingo and two printable bingo options. Children's Picture Birthday Bingo Game and standard Birthday Bingo.
Game details and instructions

Spoon & Spool Race

Supplies: 2 spoons, 2 spools of thread or fishing line

This game is a tangle mess, really on one end is the spool and on the other is the spoon and in between is your team. The person with the spool has to work to get the spoon in their hands.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Angella

Ring on a String

Supplies: String, ring

Will you know where the ring is? This game involves the movement of a ring from player to player and a guest guessing where the ring is. Coordination is required, consider for ages 10 and above.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cathy

What Animal am I?

Supplies: Labels, animal print outs or words on paper, tape

This game is a version of the Who Am I? game but uses animal rather than people. This game can easily be adapted for kids and adults. If working with children under the age of five use pictures rather than words.
Game details, instructions, variations and printable option
Thanks, Rose M.

Superman, Help Us!

Supplies: 2 of each, Superman shirt and cape, dress shirt, glasses, hat

Kids race to dress like Clark Kent, until they hear Superman Help Us! Then they must transform into Superman and complete a task before the next player gets to go.
Game details and instructions

Cotton Ball Games

Supplies: Cotton balls and other item

7 different cotton ball games to choose from including, Shoveling Snow where you use your nose to move cotton balls into a bowl, cotton ball relay games, bowl and spoon games and more. Other various can be found in shower game sections.
Game details and instructions

Birthday Charades & Pictionary

Supplies: Printable version available online

Sometimes the online version is easier and faster than if you tried to craft the game yourself. This printable charades and pictionary game makes it easy to prepare and play. Plus it saves you lots of time.
Birthday Charades & Pictionary - Printable option only

Silent Charades

Supplies: Ideas for charades

Kids select a charade and when the host say Go! The kids must find the other party guest who has the same charade without talking and then sit down. But was it a real match? That is what is left to be discovered.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Danielle

The Candy Bar Game

Supplies: Assorted candy bars (approximately 10), labels for candy bars, a container, music

Take a variety of Candy and Candy Bars, add fun instructions and let this easy to play party game begin. Plus we included a variation so you can make the game more challenging for your party whether the kids are 4 or 10 years old.
Game details and instruction
Thanks, Carissa

Ready, Set, Race Game

Supplies: Race track, cars, space, cardboard, pen and paper

This car racing game is perfect for Cars, Cars 2, Nascar and racing parties where kids enjoy racing their cars against each other. Fun for younger kids but adult supervision is needed. Part of our Cars and Racing Birthday Party Ideas page
Game details and instructions

Chocolate and Flour Game

Supplies: Pieces of chocolate, flour and metal or plastic knife

Pull the flour away from the pile without causing the chocolate to fall and your safe. Cause a tumble and your face could be full of flour. Chocolate and Flour Game a silly kid's game sure to leave them laughing. We offer a clean variation as well.
Game details, instructions and variation
Thanks, Ella

Blind Man's Buff

Supplies: Wide open spaces

This is the classic tag game involving kids, spinning, stopping and tagging someone. Recommend for outdoors or large item free spaces.
Game details and instructions


Played to music, all the players move round while the music is playing, when the music stops the players freeze like statues, anyone who moves is out. Start the music again and repeat as until there is one statue left. Then play again
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