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Halloween games for kids and adults. Enjoy these fun Halloween party games and ideas that will haunt, challenge and make some scream with delight.
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Printable Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games

Halloween is a fun holiday that lots of people start planning weeks and months in advance to make their Halloween party memorable. Well we are here to help with Halloween Games that work for young children, kids and adults. Most Halloween games are do it yourself to games, so you can adapt them to your Halloween Party or event. Some of the more elaborate story telling and gross Halloween games will take prep, but in the end you should have something unique for Halloween.

Halloween Games

Halloween Games

Complete List of 80 Halloween Games & Halloween Games by Age
Children's Halloween Games - Not so spooky games for the 3 - 7 crowd
Halloween Games - Pumpkin Bowling, Bingo, Hunts and more
More Halloween Games - Spiders, Scarecrow, Ghosts, Halloween Story game and more
Scary & Gross Halloween Games - Gross food games, scary stories, scavenger hunts...
Printable Halloween Games - Just buy, print and play
Halloween Murder Mystery - Variety of mysteries for teens and adults
Halloween Costumes - Baby, Kids, Men, Women, and Pets
- Bookmark too!

Halloween Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.
Childrens Halloween Party Games
Top Children's Halloween Games, Recommended for Kids 3 - 7
1. Eyeball Bounce
2. Pass the Pumpkins
3. Printable Halloween Bingo
4. Halloween Corners
5. Mummy Wrap
6. Halloween Spooky Sounds Game
7. Toddler Halloween Activities
Check out 20 More
Childrens Halloween Games
Halloween Party Games for Kids
Top Kids Halloween Games for Kids and Tweens - Best for Ages 7 - 12
1. Bone Collector
2. Miserly Man Gross Food Story
3. Halloween Treasure Hunt
4. Ghost Hunter
5. Halloween Survivor
6. Skeleton Pose Off
7. Outdoor Pumpkin Hunt
Check out 40 More
Kids Halloween Party Games
Gross & Scary Halloween Games
Party Games that Kids and Teens can Enjoy Playing and be Grossed Out
1. Eat Your Brains
2. Miserly Man Gross Food Story
3. Halloween Fear Factor
4. The Morgue Assistant
5. My Dear Lamented Friend
6. Gross Food Guess
7. Operation Body Parts
Check out More Adult and Teen Halloween Party Games

Halloween Who Am I?

Supplies: Names or images of items, paper and pin, imagination

Guests must figure out who or what they are by asking other guests yes or no questions. Modify for any age group plus we offer suggestions to get you started.
Game details, instructions and variations

Pumpkin Bowling

Supplies: 3 small pumpkins, 30 empty 2 liter clear soda bottles, 1 can white spray paint, 1 permanent black marker, a bag of gravel or pebbles{placed in bottom of bottles}

Combine pumpkins, soda bottles, kids and Halloween and you get a recipe for fun with pumpkin bowling. Fun, hilarious and unpredictable as pumpkins roll everywhere but where you want!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Tonya

Skeleton Pose Off

Supplies: 2 – 6 Jointed Skeletons, adhesive poster tack, photos of posed skeletons, wall for skeletons to hang, (optional) cloth / room divider

A fun creative game that will have kids racing to pose the skeletons according to the skeleton posing cards. Good fun for kids 6 - 10, plus makes an interesting team game for adults too. Check out Skeleton Pose Off game plus variations for your party.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks - Mayland

Zombie Attack

Supplies: Plenty of space, string to outline the game board, zombie cut-outs or zombie targets, bean bags or ball to throw at objects, ping pong balls and shoe box.

The Zombies are closing in with each turn, use bean bags to keep the zombies away or advance them towards your opponents. Perfect game for outdoors, large spaces and active kids.
Game details, instructions and video
Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah & Jay

Nightmare Bingo

Supplies: Printable game, paper, bingo markers

Bingo like you've never played, Nightmare Bingo combines your fears and bingo into one game. Choose from 12, 25 and 40 bingo card packet. Recommended for 13 and up. A fun conversational Halloween Bingo game for parties and events.
Game details, picture & purchase information
A PartyGameIdeas Printable Game

Halloween Bean Bag Toss Games - 4 Versions

Supplies: Bean bags and various items based on game

We added a Halloween spin to bean bag toss games that include Trick or Treat Bags, Pumpkins and relay games so these games can work for kids of all ages. Plus these games can work inside or out depending on your Halloween party location.
Game details, instructions and variations

Witch Hunt Game

Supplies: Paper, craft supplies

Kids race to find the witches hidden around the house to win prizes. Winners can be most found and special bonus witches. Can also play with pumpkins and spiders.
Game details, instructions and printable option

Spooky Walk

Supplies: Cut out pictures, craft supplies, music

A musical chairs type Halloween game but without the running and pushing. A fun game involving music, fun graphics and walking. Young kids will want to play several times.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, McKenna
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Printable Halloween Games

Trick or Treat Game

Supplies: Cookie cutter, craft supplies, list of things to do

Tricks and Treat cards are place in a cauldron and one bye one kids learn whether they have been tricked or treated! Easy to adapt for any age group.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Deanna

Halloween Bingo

Supplies: Printable game, choose 12, 25 or 40 Bingo cards - purchase, print and play

Halloween Bingo combines the fun of bingo with Halloween themes and it comes in two version Standard Halloween Bingo 5x5 and Halloween Picture Bingo 4x4 for young children

Build a Scarecrow

Supplies: Old clothes, hats, old pillowcases, string, markers, newspapers or corn stalks

Teams race to build a scarecrow from old clothes, newspaper and whatever items they have been given. Give out various awards and place the winning scarecrow on the front lawn.
Game details and instructions

Candy Corn Catch

Supplies: Candy corn, plastic pumpkins, string or belt

Guests are divided into teams or pairs and one wears the pumpkin while the others try to get as many candy corns in the pumpkin as they can. Adapt for any age group.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Susan

Halloween Candy Mash

Supplies: Variety of candy bars, pen & paper, paper plates or cupcake liners, microwave, stickers

Halloween Candy Mash; you can look, you can sniff but don't touch or taste this mangled messy of Halloween candy. This Halloween game takes candy bar favorites and turns them into a puzzling mess to be guessed. Best for kids over 8 and adults.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Noel

Halloween Spooky Sounds Story

Supplies: Loud voices

This spooky campfire story game involves everyone getting a sound to make during the reading of the haunted Halloween story. Simple and fun activity for all ages.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Beverly L.

Create a Haunted Story

Supplies: Some starter ideas, creativity

This unpredicable game involves beginning a story and letting the kids imagination complete it by adding new twists and turns to the plot. Game offers suggestions for young kids and getting started.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Susan

Bone Collector - NEW

Supplies: 2 Bag of Bones, two bone collector’s skeleton profiles (cardboard & markers), bone cards (made from photos & card stock), space to hide the bones

Dr. VanShackel has been working hard at his archeological dig for years and now his collection of Skeleton Bones have gone missing. Guests turn in Bone Collectors to help find Dr. VanShackel find all his missing Skeleton Bones.
Game details, instructions and variation
Thanks - Samantha

Halloween Picture Puzzle

Supplies: Quick thinging, printable game only

Can you master the game when you're looking for compound words? Find out who can add two separate words to make one - using only pictures as clues!
Printable game - purchase, print and play

Don't Lose Your Head - NEW

Supplies: Trays, skulls, heads or artificial pumpkins, (additional obstacles optional), space and kids

Be careful, maintain your balance and Don't Lose Your Head or you'll have to start over. This Halloween relay race (single player variation) has kids racing to earn a spot to serve dinner at Ms. Noosebaum's Halloween dinner. (Easy substituion ideas too.)
Game details, instructions, variation
Thanks, Kathy

Pumpkin Math

Supplies: Pumpkins, math questions written on paper (or ask verbally), marker, space and desks

This classroom game challenges kids to complete a math equation and then use the pumpkins to be the first ones to solve the problem. Can be played with real or cut out pumpkins.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Jessica

Guess What's in the Halloween Box

Supplies: Various Halloween or seasonal items, box, craft supplies to decorate box, pen and paper

What is that - a spider, rat or a yucky plastic cockroach? This What's in the box games challenges kids to use their sense of touch to determine what is in the Halloween Box. This game can be fun for ages 5 to 12 and can be silly or gross fun.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cindy

Halloween Costume Contest

Supplies: Guests with Halloween costumes, other items vary by game

Need help in hosting your Halloween Costume Contest or want a fun game to help randomly select a winner of your Halloween Contest, well we have tradition Halloween Costuem Contest ideas and soem fun variations that work well with kids.
Game details, instructions and variations

Tragic Sam

Supplies: Cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower, peeled tomato, peeled grapes, popcorn kernels, baby carrots, spam, pen and paper, bags or bowls

Tragic Sam has passed away but he still is with us, but can you identify what items are his eyes, brains, heart or fingers. Lower the lights and get ready for ghoulish good time.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Abbey

Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt

Supplies: Camera or video camera, list of costumes to find

The adult game makes them feel like kids again as they go out looking for princesses, batmen, pet costumes and more. What is even better is you can share the photos with everyone when the return.
Game details and instructions

Paper Mache Pumpkin Decorating

Supplies: Paper mache, balloons, paints, basic arts and craft supplies

To young for cutting pumpks then consider making one or just decorating a pumpkin. This activity is for making your own paper mache pumpkin.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Jenny

Guess Me, If You Dare!

Supplies: Printable game

Get their hearts pounding as players race to match up these hideous characters to the clues that describe them.
Printable game - purchase, print and play

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