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Who's the Murderer?

Who's the Murderer?

Supplies: Cards and 6 or more people
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Can you discover who the murder is? This can be play at a table or in a room standing.

Get card and include a select one to be the murder card (Queen or Ace of Spades) and one to be the detective card (10 of Hearts or Diamonds) the rest of the cards just be 2 – 9. So 1 murderer card, 1 detective card and general cards for everyone else.

Deal the cards and look at them and determine whether you are the murderer, detective or a likely victim.

Once the cards have been viewed then the game begins. The person, who receives the Detective cards, flips it over so everyone knows who the detective is. The detective watches to see if they can spot the murderer and the murderer tries to secretly wink at people to kill them.

If someone has been winked at they turn over their card and fake death and die, screaming is optional. The Detective has three attempts to guess the murderer. If they do not discover who it is, that person flips over their card. Then re-shuffle and play again.

Game Option
Some people play that everyone who is not the murderer is a detective. Therefore everyone is watching everyone and you either get killed or you see the murder committed and call out the killer. If you suspect the killer, you announce I know the killer, pause and then say the killer is “Name” if that person is the killer they flip over their card and if they are not the killer then you flip over your card and are out of the game.

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