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It Is I Game

It Is I

Supplies: Numbers (and a way to give to guests), corresponding numbers that can be pulled from a hat and a list of questions
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Every guest will need to be given a number. If it is a dinner party then have the number at their seat and if a regular party you can give them a number when they enter. Don’t tell why they are given the number, best if they think it is to win something.

This game can be an ice breaker or in between dinner and dessert or any time you want. To play ask every one to confirm that they have a number and ask them if they can say “It is I” everyone should agree and say yes.

Now draw a number out of the hat and I that person to stand and tell them that you will read a question and all they must do is answer “It is I”

Sample Questions:
Who has eaten the most so far this evening? Who is it that just can’t wait for the dessert? Who is going to wash the dishes tonight? Who secretly wishes they were home in bed? Who is the most bashful person here? Who is the loudest person here? Who would be willing to come up and sing a solo right now? Who always eats breakfast in bed? Who is the best looking person here? Who is looking forward to opening a present tonight? Who is it that would recite for us the 12 Days of Christmas? Who wishes ______________ (the MC) would sit down and be quiet?
Tailor the questions to the event and attendees.

If this is a holiday party, throw in a few surprise gifts into the mix, by select specific questions to be gift questions – that tie into receiving a gift. So if there are 15 questions make questions 2, 7 and 15 gift questions. #2 Would be: Who wants bonus gift #1? And the person who answers “It is I” receives it.
Thanks - Sherrill

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