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Graduation Party Games for Graduation Celebrations
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Graduation Games to Help Celebrate Your Graduate's
Big Day!

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Graduation Party Games for Graduation Celebrations

Pin the Tassel on the Graduate - For Young Kids
This is a Graduation Game for kids graduating Kindergarten, pre-school or any graduation ceremony for kids under 10. This game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead of a Donkey you need to create a picture of a Graduate wearing a cap and instead of tails use tassels. Then be sure to mark a spot on the cap where a tassel would go and this would be the where you want the tassel to be pinned.

Rules of Play: Securely Hang or tape the Graduate on a door or wall. Then place each child's name on a tassel. Then one at a time, a child grabs their tassel and is blindfolded. They are placed about 3 - 5 feet aways from the Graduate poster and spun around 3 to 4 times in order to disorient them and point them towards the poster. The kids can then move foward and try to pin the tassel on the hat, by walking forward and with one hand place the tassel on the wall or poster. The player closest to the actual cap tassel mark on the hat is the Winner.

Free Printable Graduation Trivia Game
Over the years, we have received many emails asking whether we have any Graduation Party Game? Often I tried to imagine what games would a graduate want to play at a Graduation Party and having been around teenagers, I came to the conclussion that teenagers don't want to play an organized game at their Graduation Party. Then the other day while working on something else the idea of a Graduation Trivia Game came to mind and I thought well it might just work. This Graduation Game is geared to adults and teens but not embarrassing to the graduate. So I did a little research on when people Graduated High School and came up with our first printable Graduation Party Game!

Graduation Game Instructions
Hand out a Graduation Game sheet all guests and give the them a few minutes to try and identify what year these famous people graduated high school. It should take about 3 - 5 minutes to play to answer all the questions and write in the tie breaker answer. Then go over the answers, find Graduation Game Answer Key here and score one point for every correct answer. In case there is a tie in the regular scoring of the Graduation Game, then use the tie breaker to determine the winner of your party game.

Graduation Games

Graduation Party Game

Number of Players: 2 and up

Everyone can have fun playing this Graduation Trivia Game where guests try to determine what year popular actors, singers and famous individuals Graduated High School. Have fun trying to determine when Betty White, Howard Stern, Anjelina Jolie and others received their diplomas.

All questions are multiple choice except for the tie-breaker which is requires the player to fill in an answer. If the correct tie breaker answer is not given then the winner is the person closest to that answer.

View Graduation Trivia Answers

Graduation Game

Graduation Party Game PDF

Activity for 2 or more people

We hope you like our Free Graduation Party Game PDF and all of Party Game Ideas. This is my first attempt at creating a unique printable game and if you like it please use our Pay Pal Tip Jar to help support our site. Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

View Graduation Trivia Game Answers Here

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