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Family Photographer Game

Family Photographer Game

Supplies: Camera, paper and pen, time
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Family gatherings can sometimes be difficult for kids and need a challenge. So this game involves interaction on several levels.

There are several ways to play this game, so start with the basics and build.
Please note if you only have one camera, then just give it each set of kids for 30 minutes and then give it to the next group.

Give kids (pairs recommended for picture taking) digital cameras. Tell them that they need to go around and take pictures with as many people at the event as possible and the person (team) that takes the most pictures with people at the event wins a prize. If a small gathering have more than one prize.

Tell them they need to be in these pictures too. So if Billy and Alice are a team, then Billy takes a picture with Cousin Zach and then Alice also takes a picture with Cousin Zach.

Make More Challenging
Create a list of people they need to get photos with and mix them up a little.
Uncle Joe, Cousin Alex and Ashley, Grandma & Mom, etc…
Give them a list of 10 to 20 photos to take and when the get done they turn in the camera and their sheet. Again if you only have one camera, then give a new list to the next team and so on.

Even More Challenging
Have a list of people they need to get photos with (list 5 – 10) and now make it more interesting by creating a list of questions that they need to ask relative to find people to be in additional photos. This is where they get to know relatives and friends as they ask them for assistance.

Take a photo with two people from Virginia and one from Maryland.
Now they need to ask Uncle Matt – Do you know if anyone is from Maryland? I need to find them for a photo.

Other examples
Take a photo with 3 people under the age of 12 and 2 over 30.
Find someone wearing red, someone wearing blue and someone wearing yellow.
Take a picture of 2 or more people wearing hats?

You can make it even harder by listing harder questions, but I think you get the idea by now. What is great about this is that, the kids how something to do and you are likely to get some amazing photos. They become little photographers.

If possible at the end of the night, share the photos with everyone and after the event post online. You will be surprised at the results.
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah

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