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Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo

Supplies: Paper, printer, pens, large list of Easter items
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Make up a blank Easter Bingo card on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and make copies, 1 per guest plus a some extras just in case. Also add Easter clip art at the top so that it has an Easter theme. Each card has five columns and five rows. Make sure the boxes are large enough that the guests can add Easter items themselves. (This will save you preparation time and adds about 5 minutes to the set up.)

Then on another sheet of paper come up with 75 – 100 Easter related items. Ideas can include Easter Bunny, chicks, chocolate Easter egg, Easter basket, bonnet, hardboiled egg, Easter egg hunt and of course Easter Eggs but include colors so you can come up with 75 items (Orange, red, blue, green, purple, pink, violet, brown, etc…), Before you play you need to have each guest fill in their 25 or 24 blank spaces, if you place a free space in the center of the card, with any of the items on the list in any order.  

Now take one page of the list of items and cut it so that one item is listed per slip of paper. Once cut fold once and place each slip of paper in a hat or bowl.

One at a time pull a piece of paper from the hat or bowl and read the Easter item listed, those that have the item can cover it a penny, buttons or any markers you are using. Continue playing until someone has either a complete row across, down or diagonal. When they have a complete row of Easter items they yell Bingo!

Confirm that they have all the items and if they do then they win!
A fun game that everyone can play several times.

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