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Dinner Party - Game Night Games

Dinner Party Games - Game Night GameHosting a dinner party or game night can be lots of fun but it can also be stressful if you want the event to be a little more than a casual social occasion.

So how do you make your dinner party a memorable event that is also a good time? Have memorable and unique games, where everyone gets involved and has fun.

I have put together a list of classic game night games dinner party games, fun board games, quiz games and added a few extras that I came up with so you can create your own fun to match your event. If you have additional dinner party games, send me an email and I will add them to the list.


Supplies: Ideas, paper and pens, willing audience

Divide group into teams, come up with books, shows, actions or movie titles that can be acted out and write on pieces of paper. A player then selects a lip of paper and then must act out the phase without speaking, while the rest of the group guesses the title or action.

Murder Mystery Games

Supplies: Murder mystery, guests participation

Have a create group and want to try something new. A murder mystery put everyone in the game. With a little planning, preparation and good friends, you can host a dinner party to die for.
View murder mystery games for mature theme check out the Adult Murder Mysteries

Salad Bowl Game

Supplies: Salad Bowl, pens, strips of paper to write on, timer of some sort (phone works well)

Give clues, act out and challenge team members to determine what your word is. Salad Bowl is a 3 Round game that involves creativity, communication and a good memory. Great for Game Nights and pretty much all ages.
View game details, instructions and variations
Thanks - Brian, Matt & Amber

Themed Who Am I?

Supplies: Theme, people or titles, index cards, pen

Select a theme famous artists, bands, composers or tv show or movie and place a card with the name of the person or title on each guests back. The person must ask fellow guests yes or no questions about who or what they are. Easy to adapt to any crowd.
Game details and instructions

Wine Trivia Game

Supplies: Wine Trivia, paper and pens

The perfect game for a Wine Tasting Dinner Party. Gather unique facts about wine and wine history and have guess answer them. Take the sheets and score them to discover who is the wine expert among the group. We started the list.
Find Wine Trivia and details here

Trivia Night in a Box

Supplies: Downloadable trivia game

Do you and your friends love trivia nights? Well now you can bring bar style trivia to your home of party, this game gives you lots of trivia rounds from a variety of categories, a scoring system and bonus trivia games. Lots of fun for competitive friends.
Trivia Night in a Box Game

Most Popular Dinner Party - Game Night Board Games

We have pulled together an assortment of classic Dinner Party and Game Night Board Games and highlight a few here, and show case our favorite dinner party games below with quick links where you can find them online.

Cranium - Establish teams and get ready for a challenge as you sculpt, act, answer, spell and faces a variety of challenges. With over 30 categories and several game variations cranium offers fun for everyone.

Apples to Apples - A fast paced and fun get to know/ how well do you know your guests dinner party game. You may think you know your friends best, but until they pick your card you won't be sure. Unpredictable party fun.

Taboo - Frustrating, fun, emotional all of these words come to mind when playing Taboo. The game where you you need to think fast, speak fast and avoid getting buzzed for saying the wrong thing.

Popular Party Game & Game Night Classics

Other Links You Might Enjoy: USA, LLC
WalMart offers a
Limited Selection for Adult Games
Prices are good on:
Apples to Apples
Taboo & Cranium Original

For the Record Music Games


How well do you know music trivia well find out in this music trivia challenges. Versions include 80s & 90s and 50s 70s. Each game has hundred of questions originating from 6 categories. Play as individuals or teams.

The Big Freeze Game

Supplies: Paper, pen

You can play this game with 6, 12, 24 or 40 people, but everyone needs to know the rules. One person is selected or randomly picked (draw from a hat) to be the "Big Freeze" that person at somepoint during the night will Freeze in place and then everyone who sees that the "Big Freeze" is on must also Freeze in place the last person to freeze loses. They then become the "Big Freeze" for the next round or can finish their drink.

Questions & Answers Dinner Party Game

Supplies: Paper, pen and bowls

This silly game is a great before and after dinner game, but can also be used as an ice breaker. Before dinner place everyones name in a bowl, give everybody a pen and two slips of paper big enough that they can write a sentence on it. Now pass the bowl and have each person pick a name out of the bowl and write a (fun or silly) question about that person. Once done, pass a bowl around and have everyone fold their questions and place it in the bowl. Then have each person write a creative answer to a question they think was asked about them. Then fold the answers, pass a second bowl around to collect the answers.

Then after dinner (it can be when serving desert) get the question and answer bowls and place at opposite ends of the table. Have the first person pull out a Question and read it and then have the person with the other bowl pull out an Answer and read it. In most cases the combination will prove to be very strange and humourous. once done pass the bowl to the person on their left, repeat, laugh and repeat again.

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