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Kid's Christmas Games

Fun Kid’s Christmas Games for classroom’s, groups and parties. These holiday games can be adapted for just about any age just increase or decrease the difficulty. Happy Holidays from Party Game Ideas.

Christmas Party Games

Christmas Games

Complete List Christmas Games
Holiday Gift Exchange Games - for home, office and kids parties
Kid's Christmas Games - Gift Wrap Relay, Stuff Santa and more
Christmas Party Games - Main Page - Santa's Reindeer, Office Guess, Gift Unwrap games...
Printable Christmas Games - Just buy, print and play
Holiday Party Invitations, Christmas Party Favors & Gifts, Holiday Party Supplies

Kid's Christmas Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Gift Wrap Relay

Supplies: 2 Boxes the same size, pre-cut pieces of wrapping paper, tape

Teams race against each other to see you can wrap the gift the fastest. This relay type game is fun for kids 7 - 12.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Renee

Unwrap the Gift Games

Supplies: Gift items, wrapping paper, tape, music - that can be turned on and off - varies by game

These 2 unwrap the gift games make the game a challenge and very entertaining. One version has you wearing oven mitts and a another offers a variation with challenges and prizes.
Game details, instructions and variations

Reindeer Games

Supplies: Bean Bag Reindeer, target, cardboard boxes, craft skills and creativity, and accessories for each event (depends on events selected)

These Reindeer games challenge the reindeer to be their best, so they can be on Santa's team. Select 1 Reindeer Game or all 5 challenges to create a fun event involving Reindeer skills. Fun for kids, classrooms, families and adults.
Game details and instructions
Sarah - The Party Game Idea Lady

Indoor Snowman Snowball Battle

Supplies: A shelf like structure see photo, styrofoam balls two sizes (can substitute other items)

No Snow? Don't worry with our Snowman Snowball Battle you don't need snow or cold weather, but you can still have the fun. Creative use of styrofoam balls helps bring this competitive game safely to your Holiday party. Best for ages 5 - 10.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sarah

Stuff Santa

Supplies: Sweatsuits (preferred red and green), red and green balloons

How big would Santa be if you stuffed him full of balloons? Well find out with this team game that challenges that to stuff Santa til there is no more room!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Whitney T.

Christmas Tree Ornament Find

Supplies: Christmas tree or trees, kid friendly ornaments, ability to take photos or ornaments and print from computer, space around tree

Kids search for the Christmas ornament they need to find so they can complete their task or count how many of those ornaments are on the tree. (Two variations of this game) A fun and fast paced game for kids, office gatherings and parties.
Game details, instructions and variations
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Christmas Gift Stacking Relay

Supplies: Duplicate set of wrapped boxes, items inside the boxes (optional), stools / chairs

This classic game is a simple gift stacking game that involves speed and balance, plus with a variety of variations this holiday game can get more and more complex as guests race to get the presents home.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Cody

Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab Game

Supplies: Gifts, Dice, Timer

This gift game involves rolling doubles, selecting gifts and using a timer. This is great for kids and makes the game fun and high action as you try to roll doubles. Children's variation.
Game details, instructions and variation
Thanks, Cactus
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Christmas Corners

Supplies: Big room, corners, 4 holiday images, music player, hat

When the music plays kids move around in a circle or dance, but when the music stops they must select a Christmas corner. Will it be a lucky corner or the end of the line? A fun and random game that involves music and can be played by all ages.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Grace

Snowflake Balloon Catch

Supplies: Large towel, balloons of various sizes, paper, two adults and kids

Snowflake Balloon Catch is a fun party activity to keep the kids busy and good for colorful holiday photos. Kids will enjoy the simple fun of this activity and if you ant to make it more challenging we have included a game version.
Activity and game details and instructions

Rudolph's Red Nosed Relay

Supplies: Vaseline, red circles to act as Rudolph’s nose, silly kids

You may know Dasher and Dancer and many other reindeer, but Rudolph is the most famous because of his nose. And with this Red Nosed Relay kids can have fun in a messy way taking turns leading the way with their red nose.
Activity, game details and instructions

Snowflakes on a Plate

Supplies: Paper, drinking straws, dinner plate, scissors

This DIY Christmas Party Game works for kids and adults. Your challenge is to get all your snowflakes on the plate first, but even when you know the secret, it's still hard. Fun, frustrating and perfect for Holiday parties. Individual and Team play ideas.
Game details, instructions and variations
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

Christmas Who Am I?

Supplies: Printbale game, printer, paper, scissors, tape

Get kids talking, asking questions and moving around the room trying to figure out who or what Christmas person or item they are. We offer several ways to play and provide you with a printbale option.Best for ages 6 and up - plus adults can play too.
Printable game, details and instructions
A Party Game Ideas game

Who's Santa

Supplies: Ability to wink and say Ho!Ho!Ho!

Santa is hiding and Rudolph is here to find him. Borrowing from the classic winking game, Santa winks at people and when someone gets winked at they say Ho Ho Ho! Will Rudolph discover who Santa is before the next Ho Ho Ho!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Gillian

Frosty's Musical March

Supplies: White and red construction paper, music, snowman, hat, ball / item to knock off hat

The musical chairs styled game involves kids marching when music is playing, but is the hat gets knocked of the snowman the music stops and if your on the hotspot you melt and are out of the game.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Jessica

Snowball Soccer

Supplies: Paper, tape or goals version two balloons, boxes

Have space and need a game to keep the kids busy? Well with paper or balloons you can create Snowball Soccer in about 10 minutes. A fun indoor kids game that will have them trying to get snowballs to their goal. Play as teams or individuals.
Game details and instructions

Christmas Memory Match

Supplies: Printable game - paper, printer, scissors

Memory Match is a simple game activity that is often played between 2 people. Makes a fun activity for kids and can also be a party favor (if you create sets. This game is all about matching Holiday images and the person to match the most wins.
Printbale game details
A Party Game Ideas game

Snow Ball Squishers

Supplies: White balloons, small children

Blow up an assortment of small white balloons and place them at one end of the room in a bowl, basket or contained area. Now divide the children into teams.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Linda

Find Santa's Reindeer

Supplies: Reindeer, pen and paper

Santa's reindeer are missing and Christmas eve is fast approaching, can you help find Santa's reindeer and save the day? This game works for family, friends and office parties!
Game details and instructions
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah

Left / Right Naughty or NiceGift Passing Game

Supplies: Gift boxes, gift passing stories, paper, pen

This crazy game has kids passing gifts to the left and to the right, but they only stay in the game if they have been Nice! A fun twist on the Left / Right gift exchange game without the gifts so kids can play it several times and still have fun.
Game details and instructions

Christmas Charades for Kids

Supplies: Printable game, printer, paper, bowl, kids

Our Christmas Charades for Kids game includes 60 Charade cards that kids will know and enjoy. Plus blank cards so you can add your own. This charades game is for kids (ages 5 - 10) that can read and families.
Printable game details
A Party Game Ideas Printable Game

Christmas Word Scramble

Supplies: Sheet with scrambled words, pens, fast thinking

Do you know what lesint ithgn is? Easy Silent Night! Christmas word scrambles challenge kids to think and keep them busy! Plus we linked to other printable word games you might enjoy.
Game details and instructions

Snowball and Spoon Race

Supplies: Wooden spoon, styrofoam balls

Kids will need to stay focused and not loose their balance it they want to win this classic game based off a traditional Egg and Spoon Race. We made this one into the relay so all the kids can play. A fun game for families and all ages!
Game details and instructions

Pin The Nose on the Reindeer

Supplies: Poster board, markers to draw with, construction paper and craft supplies to cut out noses and create reindeer head.

Put a Christmas spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey and you get Pin the Nose on the Reindeer or you could use Snowman too!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Todd

Mitten Munch Relay

Supplies: Several pairs of mittens, Hershey’s kisses

Eating a piece of candy is so relaxing, unless you have to wear mittens while unwrapping the candy. This relay game has kids racing to be the first team to eat candy while they have mittens on.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Alice

Shoveling Snow

Supplies: Vaseline, bowl, cotton bowls, stop watch, camera

You want silly pictures to show they years from now, this is the game. Kids use their nose to move cotton balls from the table to the bowl. How you ask? They have vaseline on their nose!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Atalie

Gift Height Guess

Supplies: Lots of gifts for stacking, pen and paper to record guesses

A fun and simple activity where kids need to determine how tall they are in gifts. Perfect when decorating a room or just before handing out gifts. Use colorful paper to make it even more entertaining.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Mrs. M.

Ornament Guess

Supplies: Pen and paper to submit guess and correct number of ornaments (count ornaments before placing on tree)

Fun for all ages, have guests guess the number of ornaments on your tree. The closest wins a prize. Add variety ask how many Santa's or unique themed ornaments are on the tree.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Debbie

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