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Fun Wedding Shower Games & Bridal Shower Ice Breaker Games that get the Bride, Groom and Guests Talking
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Wedding Shower Get to Know You & Ice Breaker Games!

The Wedding Shower is only days away but how can you ensure that everyone will socialize with each other and have a great time. Start with an Ice Breaker or Get to Know You Games where mingling, meeting and asking questions help bond and bring strangers together.
Bridal Shower Games, Wedding Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games & Links

Complete List of almost 50 Bridal Shower Games
Bridal Shower Games - Honeymoon Story, Bridal Shower Bingo, Guess the Spice, more
Get to Know You / Ice Breaker Games - Get to know the Bride, Groom and Guests games
Bridal Shower Activity Games - Cake Challenge, Purse Game, Newlywed Game and more
Pen & Paper Wedding Shower Games - Word Scramble, For Sale Game, Anagrams, more
Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Get to Know You and Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable bridal shower game just click on the link.

Who Knows the Bride and Groom?

Supplies: Questions about the Bride and / or Groom, answers, pen and paper

So you think you know the bride and groom well challenge your guests to test their wits about when they met, their favorite foods and more. This game can be adapted for the Bride, Groom or both. 
Game details, instructions and printable game options

Who Wants To Be The Bride

Supplies: 15 progressively difficult questions, answers from the bride, pen and paper, and prospective millionaires

In a Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire challenge guests are asked 15 questions about the bride and groom, with each question getting harder. Will any guests answer them all correctly and get to the final round? And will they become a millionaire?
Game details and instructions
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah

Find Out About Game

Supplies: List of questions, paper and pens, guests willing to socialize

Give your guests a list of questions and send them on their way to find out who has been to Europe?, who eats sushi?, Is a Mom? Etc… This game helps people meet and allows them to connect with them.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Ruth

Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Games

Supplies: Toilet paper and things to say

Two versions of a similar game, each person takes the amount of toilet paper that they need for the bathroom but instead of using it for the bathroom they have to share stories about themselves. Plus we give you a way to really scare them.
Game details, instructions and variations

Pass the Box Bridal Shower Game

Supplies: Box, gift, variety of wrapping paper

Whether used as an ice breaker of just a fun game between events, this progressive game of unwrapping a gift, combines music, fun and a prize. Variations to this theme make it even more entertaining. Great variations add a new twist to this game.
Game details, instructions and several variations

Fun at any Bridal Shower
Movie Love Quotes Game - 2 Pack

Bridal Shower Decorations and Favors ShindigZ - World's Largest Party Superstore

Get to Know You / Pick Teams Game

Supplies: Common songs, slips of paper and people willing to sing

Need to pick teams before a game and get strangers to start mingling, then pass out slips of paper in the crowd with classic songs on the count of three people start sing their songs and find others singing it too.
Game details and instructions

What's She Thinking

Supplies: Questions about the bride, pen and paper

What was the bride thinking during stages of their relationship? Select popular song title to answer these questions and come up with some crazy and unpredictable answers. Printable version only.
Printable version of this game

Who Am I? Bridal Shower Survey

Supplies: Survey questions, pen, paper and interesting facts

Ask guests to complete a simple survey about themselves, then have the bride read of the survey answers and see if guests know who they are talking about. A great way to share interests and make new friends.
Game details, instructions and printable version

Bridal Shower Match Game

Supplies: Matchbooks or little matchboxes, pen, paper and wrapping paper optional, stickers or stars

Bridal Shower Match is a great ice breaker and mingling game for shower themes that involve the Perfect Pair or Match and it is a cute word play game too as it involves Matchbooks. A simple game for Couples Wedding or mixed Bridal showers.
Game details and instructions
Thanks - Jessica P.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Supplies: Pennies, jar, stories to share

Each guest is given a penny when the arrive at the baby shower while a second penny or the same year is placed in a jar. The bride pulls a penny from the jar and each person shares a little about them self.
Game details and instructions

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