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Active Wedding Shower Games & Bridal Shower Ice Games for Couples Showers and Keep Everyone having a Great Time.
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Challenging and Fun Bridal Shower Games that are sure
to entertain. From Couples Wedding Shower games to
the Classic Tray Game, Purse Game and many more for a
fun Bridal Shower.

Active Wedding Shower Games for Couples & Bridal Showers!

Hosting a Wedding Shower and want games with a little more pizzazz or is it a couple’s shower where you have to keep the guys entertained as well? We have a solution; try these games that are fun for bridal and couples wedding showers. The more active the games the more likely that the guys will be involved and the more fun the wedding shower will be.
Bridal Shower Games, Wedding Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games & Links

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Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Wedding Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable bridal shower game just click on the link.

Couples Cotton Ball Game

Supplies: Cotton Balls, spatula, large bowl

Couples or teams must work together to get as many cotton balls in a bowl as possible. One catch it's on someones head. Another catch they use a spatula to get them in the bowl.  
Game details, instructions and variations

Bake Us a Cake Challenge

Supplies: Cake ingredients, cake pans, other ingredients, kitchen to cook in

She is ready to face the alter but is she ready to face the challenges of the kitchen? Have fun with activity to see if she has the skills to bake a cake. Even better for couples showers – when the guy or both have to bake cakes.
Game details and instructions

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Supplies: Categories, questions, paper and people who know a lots of knowledge

This game tests your wedding and couples knowledge in the form of the tv classic Jeoparady! You can pit the guys against the girls or just mix up the teams to play this tv game favorite.
Game details, instructions, print and play version

Bridal Shower Tray Games

Supplies: Tray of household, women's, wedding items, tray, pen and paper

Place lots of items on a tray and place on a table or walk around the room with it. Then leave the room and ask guests to write down what was on the try or mix it up and ask what the person who carried the tray was wearing.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Melvina and Sarah L.

Wedding Taboo

Supplies: Taboo cards, quick minds and fat talkers, printable game

If you enjoy Taboo then you are sure to enjoy this fast paced game of guess wedding related terms without say the wrong ones. This is great fun for bridal showers and couples wedding showers.
Printable game version

Wedding Dress Game

Supplies: Toilet paper, creative minds

The guests are divided up into several groups and given a roll of toilet paper. The teams are told that they must create a wedding dress using only the roll of toilet paper.
Game details and instructions
Fun at any Bridal Shower
Movie Love Quotes Game - 2 Pack

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Panty Hose Game

Supplies: Bag, pairs of old nylons, blindfold

It sounds like innocent fun, see how many nylons you can place on your hand in 2 minutes. Until you realize you are blindfolded and that after you put on the first pair you can't feel anything. A game that is sure to amuse and entertain.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sheri

Purse Game

Supplies: Item list, purses and plate

Ever wonder what is in that purse? Well now you can find out with the purse game, be the first to place an item on a plate or announce you have it and score points. So who has a nail file, mints, cell phone, aspirin, spoon, water...
Game details, instructions, variations, printable Bride's purse variation
Thanks - Adrienne

Wedding Shower Newlywed Game

Supplies: Questions, couples, paper and pens, chairs and good spirits

How well do the bride and groom know each other and how well do the couples attending the Wedding Shower know each other? Well find out with this fun and sometimes embarrassing shower game.
Game details, instructions, starter questions and printable version

Bridal Shower Bingo

Supplies: Bingo cards, markers and players

Take a classic like Bingo make the terms relate to the Bridal Shower and what do you get. A good time of course! Lots of options for this classic game paired with a special event. Printable version available with 200 cards.
Game details, instructions and printable version

Bridal Shower Charades

Supplies: Charade ideas, people willing to act out shows, songs or titles, printable game

The classic game of charades turned into the perfect bridal shower game. Can they act out, Love Medicine, The Barefoot Bride, Crazy Litle Thing Called Love and others before time runs out? This is a printable game that is ready to play.
Printable game version

Pass the Box Bridal Shower Game

Supplies: Box, gift, variety of wrapping paper

Whether used as an ice breaker of just a fun game between events, this progressive game of unwrapping a gift, combines music, fun and a prize. Variations to this theme make it even more entertaining. Great variations add a new twist to this game.
Game details, instructions and several variations

Stud or Dud?

Supplies: Find in Magazines or Print off Computer, Balloons, Pictures of 20 – 30 guys

This game can be played as a game where some guests get studs and others duds, but who ever gets the groom is the big winner! A second version is a more conversational type game that can bring up some of the guys finer points.
Game details, instructions and variations

Bridal Shower Hot Potato

Supplies: Wrap a gift in a box, music, chairs, and have people who can pass things

Who wants this box or hot potato of a gift? But is it a booby prize or a real gift? Well you have to wait and see as one by one players get eliminated from this game only to discover the secret that is inside the box.
Game details and instructions

Louder then Words

Supplies: Pen and paper, acting skills, printable game

The joke will be on your guests as they end up having to perform the "silly" actions they wrote down for the Bride-to-be to do.
Printable game version

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