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Strange but Fun Bachelorette Party Games that involve Men’s Private Parts, Male Blow Up Dolls and Even Photos
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Male Bashing & Fun - Bachelorette Party Games!

Here you find games that poke fun, decorate and do silly things to men’s private parts. All with the best intensions, except maybe the penis piñata, that might be just a little to cruel. Anyways these male inspired games are sure to bring laughs and snickers to your event.

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Bachelorette Party Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

My Man Wears…

Supplies: Photos from Guests, computer skills, printer and some honesty & dignity

Ask everyone who is married or who has a boyfriend to send a picture of their guy to you before the shower. Create master copy of all the guys and hand out to guests, then ask them to decide whether they wear boxers, briefs or other.
Game details and instructions

Pass the Vibrator

Supplies: Vibrator, music and the ability to pass the vibrator

What do you get when you mix musical chairs with Hot Potato well... Pass the vibrator and embarassing game where it is interesting to see who is the last one holding it!
Game details and instructions

Private Parts Relay

Supplies: Two men’s pee pees, two rolls of toilet paper and women willing to do this!

Well if you ever wondered what it was like to have one, here is your chance. Place a replica of a guy's private parts between your legs and walk across the room and well make the connection so to speak
Game details and instructions
A PGI Original by Sarah

Man of Your Dreams Game

Supplies: Male blow up doll, various men’s clothes and a camera

Take a male blow up doll, add a variety of men’s clothes and have each guest dress this guy as the Man of Their Dreams, the Bachelorette will then pick the winner and he can join you for a night on the town
Game details and instructions

Find items that just might make a bride blush!
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Printable Bachelorette Party Games Bridal Showers are nice but once Grandma and Aunts go home it's time for Bachelorette Party Games!

Pin the Private Parts on the Man

Supplies: Playgirl centerfold, craft supplies, and other stuff

The same ideas as Pin the Tail on the Donkey but you use a naked man instead and pin his private parts on. Don't be to surprised if it doesn't end up in the right spot!
Game details and instructions

Ring the Pee Pee

Supplies: Male blow up doll or male private part stand in, rings / hoops

A simple ring toss game with a twist, the rings are tossed on a pee pee. The girl with the best hand at this toss wins.
Game details, instructions and printable version

Decorate the Man's Private Parts

Supplies: Penis cake pans, cake mix, icing and cake toppings

Divide up the guests in team of 2 - 3 and give each a few minutes in the kitchen to decorate a cake, but they won't know that it is a penis cake. Oh the fun, laughter and surprise they will have when everyone sees what they created.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Marla

Stud or Dud?

Supplies: Find in Magazines or Print off Computer, Balloons, Pictures of 20 – 30 guys

This game can be played as a game where some guests get studs and others duds, but who ever gets the groom is the big winner! A second version is a more conversational type game that can bring up some of the guys finer points.
Game details, instructions and variations

Find items that just might make a bride blush!

Penis Piñatas

Supplies: Penis Piñatas

The classic piñata filled with candy, but this is no ordinary occassion or piñata. Have fun and laughs beating this male symbol of fertility. I am sure everyone will enjoy taking a few swings at it.
Find Piñatas

Pecker Straw Drink Off

Supplies: Penis straws, cups and drinks

Divide up you group into teams and place drinks (beer, water, other) with penis straws in them. Using the straw the first person must finish their drink and then the next person on the team starts and so on until the first team done wins.
Find penis straws here
Thanks, Jen

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