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Measure Mommy Shower Game

Measure Mommy Shower Game

Supplies: String, toilet paper or yarn & preganant mom
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Take string, yarn or toilet paper and ask each guest to take off the amount that will fit around the Mommy’s body, however don’t state what part of the body. See the variations for more.

Simple and fun tell guests to select a length of string, yarn or toilet paper that will fit around the mommy’s body. Be specific “mommy’s body” avoid saying belly as this is the catch as most people will think that is what you mean.

Once everyone has selected their amount you now have a choice you can choose the classic measure around the belly or you can change it up.

Without saying anything, measure the part of the body that will apply for the game.
Traditional and fun: Mommy’s belly
Untraditional options: chest, calf, head, ankle, hips

Once you have the measurement, measure against guests string, yarn or toilet paper lengths and the person closest to the real measurement wins.

We got a Question Concerning How to Play Measure Mommy after the Baby was born?

Here are some options:
1. How Big was Mommy's Belly?
Measure your belly at 36 or 38 weeks and save the info then have guests guess a number or a string length.
2. Before and After Mommy's Belly
Measure before (like above) and then measure a week or two after the baby then have guests guess on the change in belly size.
3. Guess the Chest
Ok sounds odd but if you are breast feeding the size increases and it could be a fun twist to Guess Mommy's Chest (rename as needed) Play same as Measure Mommy but you measure higher.

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