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These Baby Shower Games involve pen, paper and quick thinking. Find Trivia, Word Scrambles, Do You Know, Matching, Advice and other Baby Shower Games.
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Printable Baby Shower Games for Couples too!

Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games!

It is a rare shower game that is fun and educates all those that play as well. Most of these shower games allow for you to create and share knowledge while having fun.

I have linked to sites that offer ready to go shower games as I understand that not everyone has time to research facts and figures for every game. I hope you enjoy. - Sarah

Baby Shower Games

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Complete List of over 60 Baby Shower Games
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Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games - Word Scramble, Baby Animals, Trivia and more
Printable Baby Shower Games, Baby Shower Invitations
Baby Shower Questions, Baby Shower Favors
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Baby Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

Baby Word Scramble

Supplies: Sheet with scrambled words, pens, fast thinking

Take common baby items and scramble them up and have guests try to figure out what the word is. A variation is to use the mothers name as the letters that can be used to create words associated with a baby.
Game details, instructions and variations

How Well Do You Know the Mom?

Supplies: Questions about the mom, answers from the mom, pens

Do you really know everything about the mom to be? Want to know more? Play this game at the beginning of the shower so everyone can learn something new about the mom to be.
Game details and instructions

Baby Animal Game

Supplies: Baby and adult animal names, pen

This classic is great to fill in gaps between events, keep kids busy and learn something about animals, becuase we all know what a baby whelp is right? We found some versions online too.
Game details and instructions

Mother Goose Trivia

Supplies: Mother Goose nursery book for reference to get questions, pen and paper

When you were little you learned about the Old Lady in the Shoe, Jack who sat in the Corner, Jack and Jill, but what can you recall of those nursery rhymes today? Test your skills in answer Mother Goose Trivia.
Game details and instructions

Pregnancy Truth or Myth Game

Supplies: Pregnancy facts and popular myths, paper and pen

Find pregnancy facts and myths online. Give each person a list with both myths and truths and have them guess which is which. Have them write down their answers. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.
Game details and instructions

Baby Songs Trivia Game

Supplies: Songs, artist, paper and pen, music player is an option

This game is perfect for music lovers and baby showers as guests are challenges to determine who sang what Baby song. Do you Know? Baby Love, Baby Hold on to Me, Hey Baby. We have 20 plus songs and answers for you.
Game details, instructions and variation

Nursery Rhyme Games

Supplies: Pen, paper, nursery rhymes and a few other items based upon games

We put together several different Nursery Rhyme games including finish the nursery rhyme, charades, pictionary and some other fun ways to make a Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower fun and unique.
Game details, instructions and variations

Baby Names Quiz

Supplies: Birthday name data, creative mind, questions, pens and paper

This game is based on baby names over the last 100 years. We provide you with starter questions and the Top Ten Baby Names for boys and girls, so all you need to do is create unique your own game.
Game details, instructions, starter questions
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Baby Name Games

Supplies: Sheet with letter of the alphabet, pens and babies names

Create a list from A to Z and have people fill in a baby's name for each. pretty simple until you have to do it for speed or have to be original so other guests don't take your points away.
Game details, instructions, variations
Thanks, Tonya

Baby Trivia Games

Supplies: Facts, figures, questions, pens

Need some ideas for baby trivia games, well we have some ideas to get you going and some online alternatives that are ready to go.
Game details and instructions

Baby Advice Games

Supplies: Paper, pen, advice and opinions

Everyone wants to offer advice to the new parents, swaddle the baby, give the baby lots of belly time, etc... Now you can decide whether you want to offer silly or serious advice to the new mom or both with these advice type games.
Game details and instructions

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