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Get Your Baby Shower Started with Ice Breaker Games that Include Guessing, Story Telling, Asking Questions and more.
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Friends and relatives travel from far and wide to attend baby showers, so mix things up early and get them talking and sharing stories about life, friendship and of course Mommy and the Baby! These games are a cataylst to starting your baby shower on the right foot, so have fun and enjoy this special event.

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Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

Discovery Game

Supplies: List of questions, pen/pencils and conversation

Come up with a list of questions that involve quests to ask people questions. As they meet and mingle they learn about each other. Sample questions provided.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Ruth

Toilet Paper Game

Supplies: Toilet paper and lots of things to say

Gather guest around and pull out a roll of toilet paper, then ask them if they were going on a camping trip to remove a much as they would need to use. Then for every sheet they took they must tell something about themselves.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Marcie

Baby Shower Survey - Do You Know Me?

Supplies: Survey questions, pen, paper and interesting facts

Ask guests to complete a simple survey about themselves, then have the bride read of the survey answers and see if guests know who they are talking about. A great way to share interests and make new friends.
Game details, instructions and printable version

Cartoon Characters / Nursery Rhyme Who Am I

Supplies: Index cards, character names and questions

Select a theme of cartoon, tv or nursery rhyme characters and place a card with a character on each guests back. The person must ask fellow guests yes or no questions about who they are.
Game details and instructions, variations
Thanks, Jeannie

Get to Know You / Pick Teams Game

Supplies: Common songs, slips of paper and people willing to sing

Need to pick teams before a game and get strangers to start mingling, then pass out slips of paper in the crowd with classic songs on the count of three people start sing their songs and find others singing it too.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Kelly

Dirty Diaper Game

Supplies: Mini dirty diapers, safety pins, mustard

Each guest receives a mini folded diaper pin that is attached to their shirt. One by one during introductions it is discovered who has the dirty diaper and that person wins a prize.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Kelly

Pass the Box

Supplies: Box, gift, variety of wrapping paper

Whether used as an ice breaker of just a fun game between events, this progressive game of unwrapping a gift, combines music, fun and a prize. Variations to this theme make it even more entertaining.
Game details, instructions and variations
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Baby Shower Elimination Game

Supplies: Pen, paper and a list of common things

The easy game where if guests match the item drawn from the hat then they are out of the game. A no effort ice breaker that will have people noticing what people are wearing, eye color and more. Simple fun with one winner.
Game details and instructions

Baby Magazine Game

Supplies: Baby Magazines, list of baby items and photo images

Who can find a baby stroller, baby crib, crying baby or baby in a bathtub? Well for this fast paced game guests must quickly search through Baby Magazine to find the right image. Fun as ice-breaker and for individuals or teams.
Game details and instructions
By Sarah of Party Game Ideas

Penny for Your Thoughts

Supplies: Pennies and stories

Each guest is given a penny when the arrive at the baby shower while a second penny or the same year is placed in a jar. The bride pulls a penny from the jar and each person shares a little about them self.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sarah

Have a Baby Shower Game Idea?

Share it and send me, Sarah in an email

I will review the game and post it online if it is not one the site. Thank you for taking the time to share.
Submit your Ice Breaker Baby Shower Game here.

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