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These Couples Baby Shower Games are pulled from other categories and have been successful at providing entertaining moments for everyone.
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Printable Baby Shower Games for Couples too!

Couples Baby Shower Games!

A successful shower is based on a fun theme, happy people and creating memories that last. However, couples showers can be difficult as most men just don't want to be there. How do you over come this this, well adjust your games to be more competitive and have them complete as teams or against the other guys. My recommendation would be to have one or two games that involve the guys and the rest can be optional.

Here is a tip though, make the first game fun and they will want to be part of the other activities. And while it may be disappointing that the guys tend to wonder off during the gift opening part, don't stress it happens alot.

Baby Shower Games

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Baby Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

Baby Bottle Drink Off!

Supplies: Baby bottles, beverages, thirsty guests

Is a baby’s life really that easy? Challenge your guests to a baby bottle drink off and they will soon discover this is a real challenge. Great for regular and couples showers.
Game details, instructions and variations

Hang the Laundry

Supplies: 1 or 2 clotheslines, clothes, babydoll, cell phone, clothes pins, ample space

Hanging laundry doesn’t sound difficult unless you add a baby in one hand and a cell phone in the other. Want to turn up the heat make this game a relay between shower guests.
Game details, instructions and variation

Baby Outburst

Supplies: Baby categories, baby items, people that have lots to say

The classic Outburst game Baby Shower style. baby categories are given and you must name as many items in that category that are on the list within the time limit.
Game details and instructions

Measure Mommy

Supplies: String, toilet paper or yarn & pregnant mom

Pass out yarn, string, or toilet paper and have the guests take off the amount they think will fit around a part of mommy's body. The surprise is which part.
Game details, instructions and variations

Play Dough-tionary

Supplies: Play Dough, ideas - baby items to create out of Play Dough

Think Pictionary with Play Dough. Challenge guests to use Play Dough to sculpt baby items while the other guests try to guess what the baby item is. Play as teams or individuals.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Diana

What's in the Dirty Diaper

Supplies: Candy, candy bars, diapers, pen and paper

What is better than sticking your face in a smelly diaper? Well it is taking pictures of people sticking their noses into diapers so they can smell the candy that is in it. This game combines diapers and your favorite candy smashed into a baby’s diaper.
Game details and instructions

Baby Food Feeding Race

Supplies: Baby food, large bibs, plastic spoons and towels

Nothing is cuter than feeding time for baby, food all over their face, a broad smile and oh so happy to be eating, now imagine the fun your guests will have wearing a bid and feeding each other. Messy, funny and a good time.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Bonnie

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Supplies: Categories, questions, paper and people who know a lot about babies

This game tests you baby knowledge in the form of the tv classic Jeoparady! You can pit the guys against the girls or just mix up the team to play this game favorite.
Game details and instructions

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Couples Cotton Ball Game

Supplies: Cotton balls, spatula, large bowl

Couples or teams must work together to get as many cotton balls in a bowl as possible. One catch it's on someones head. Another catch they use a spatula to get them in the bowl.
Game details, instructions and variations

Change the Baby's Diaper

Supplies: Baby doll, diapers, baby wipes, stopwatch

Teams of two are challenged to change the baby’s diaper; however the catch is that they only get to use one hand each. A fun game for friends and couples showers.
Game details and instructions

Have a Couples Baby Shower Game Idea?

Share it and send me, Sarah, at Party Game Ideas

I will review your couples shower game and may add it to Party Game Ideas web site. Thank you for taking the time to share.
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