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Build the Baby's Bank Shower Game

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Build the Baby's Bank - Starting a Savings Account

Supplies: Spare Change or bills, baby bottle or piggy bank
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Give everyone a name tag to wear when they arrive. On the name tag you put names of different baby items like: bib, baby bottle, crib, stroller, formula, etc... or spice it up and give names like Paci, Stroller Girl, Bibby, Bottles...

During the shower everyone must call everyone by their new name rather than their real name. Whoever calls the person by her or his real name intead of the baby item name has to put money in the bank .50 cents and put it in the piggy bank. At the end of the shower the money is given to the mom to start the babies first savings account and if this is a big shower it can add up to be a great start.
Thanks - Mina

Baby's First Bank Activity
Before the shower ask everyone to bring some spare change. At the shower, I passed around a plastic baby bottle or you could bring a piggy bank and everyone put in their spare change out of their pockets or purses.

As the bottle gets passed around, have each guest offer a piece of money saving advice or tips for the new mother. This can range from Click Coupons and put all the money saved into a savings account to start an IRA to Betty's Country store on 5th has the best prices on baby food.

After everyone have offered some financial tips, the money and bottle were given to the new mom to start the baby a savings account. It was a fun little thing for the mom to bring home.
Thanks - Delinda

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