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Make Your Baby Shower is Unique and with fun Ice Breaker Games, Bingo, Diaper Games, Food, Trivia and other Baby Shower Games
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From Baby Shower Bingo to Measure Mommy to Baby Trivia Games, You'll Find Creative & Unique Baby Shower Games for All Types of Showers!

Baby Shower Games - Printable Bingo, Shower Games

Baby Shower Games!

Baby is on it's way and you need fun Baby Shower games for the special event. Well whether you are looking for diaper baby shower games, simple scratch off shower games, couples baby shower games or classic baby shower games that you can print from your computer, we have go tyou covered with over 60 shower games that are Mom and Baby approved!

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games & Links

Complete List of over 60 Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games - Don't Say Baby, Baby Shower Bingo, Measure Mommy, more
Baby Shower Ice Breaker Games, Couples Baby Showers Games
Baby Shower Games involving Food or Diapers - Bottle Drink Off, Dirty Diaper, more
Baby Shower Action & TV Themed Games - The Price is Right, Hang the Laundry, more
Pen & Paper Baby Shower Games - Word Scramble, Baby Animals, Trivia and more
Printable Baby Shower Games, Baby Shower Invitations
Baby Shower Questions, Baby Shower Favors
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Baby Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

Don't Say Baby

Supplies: Clothes pins, necklace or bracket and listening skills

Give each guest item to hold on to during the shower. If someone uses the word “Baby” other guests have the opportunity if they hear the word to steal that item. Variation “Don’t Cross Your Legs”
Game details, instructions, and variations
Thanks, Sarah G.

Baby Photo Game

Supplies: Baby photos, board, pen and paper

Collect a baby photo from each guest and one of the mother, display them and have the guests try and pick which photo is the mother when she was a baby.
Game details and instructions

Baby Shower Bingo

Supplies: Bingo cards, Lots of Players, Gifts & card markers

Baby Shower Bingo is played like bingo but you exchange baby items instead of numbers; a simple and fun game and great for all ages. We have several ways to play this too!
Game details, instructions and variation
Thanks, Diana.

Thank You Card Game

Supplies: Thank you card envelopes, basket, timer

When your guests arrive give them the thank you card envelope and have them put there name and address on it. Then during the shower randomly have two or three drawing from the pile to give away a prize.
Game details and instructions

The Tray Game

Supplies: Lots of baby items, tray, pen and paper

Place lots of baby / mommy items on a tray and walk around the room with it. Then leave the room and ask guests to write down what was on the try or what the person who carried was wearing. A classic game with several variations.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Melvina.

M&M's Baby Bottle Guess

Supplies: M&M’s & Time to count them, baby bottle, pen and paper

First empty bag of M&Ms and count them, then record the number of M&Ms and place them in a baby bottle. Have everyone write down their guess of how many M&M's are in the bottle. The closest one to the actual number wins a prize.
Thanks, Julie

Guess Baby's Birthday - A Contest / Raffle Game

Supplies: Pen and paper

There is a new baby on the way but who can correctly guess the Baby's Birthday, sex, weight and length find out with this traditional baby guess game.
Game details, instructions and variations

Measure Mommy

Supplies: String, toilet paper or yarn & pregnant mom

Pass out yarn, string, or toilet paper and have the guests take off the amount they think will fit around a part of mommy's body. The surprise is which part.
Game details, instructions and variations

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Draw the Baby

Supplies: Paper plates, pencils and a timer

This creative game sounds simple enough until you realize the you are drawing it sight unseen and the paper plate you are drawing on is on top of your head.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Dora H..

Celebrity Baby Game

Supplies: Magazines, baby pictures, celebrity photos, scissors, craft supplies, pen & paper

Place celebrity heads on babies and see who can name the celebs or match the celeb to the baby or try and find celeb baby photos and and current photos and see who can match them up.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Sha

Baby Magazine Game

Supplies: Baby Magazines, list of baby items and photo images

Who can find a baby stroller, baby crib, crying baby or baby in a bathtub? Well for this fast paced game guests must quickly search through Baby Magazine to find the right image. Fun as ice-breaker and for individuals or teams.
Game details and instructions
By Sarah of Party Game Ideas

Picasso Baby Game

Supplies: Picture of a baby, large drawing pad (office size), easel if possible, tape, pen / markers, paper

Show the guest a picture of a baby, now blindfold the guest spin them around, sit them down and give them 1 minute to draw the picture from memory and blindfolded.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Laura

Piggy Bank Activity - Winner Takes All

Supplies: Spare Change or bills, piggy bank, pen and paper, all

Can your guests determine how much money they have put into the piggy bank! Well one of your lucky guests will soon find out and when they do - Winner takes All! The fun word play game.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Mina
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Build the Baby's Bank Game & Activity

Supplies: Spare Change or bills, baby bottle or piggy bank

Everyone is given a name tag when they arrive at the shower with names like Paci, Stroller Girl, Bibby (fun cute name) and they are told that if you say someones real name you must put money in the baby's bank. Neat variation to this game!
Game details, instructions and variation
Thanks, Mina

Build the Baby's Library - Activity

Supplies: Childrens Books brought by guests

Ask everyone to bring their favorite children’s book. During the shower announce that it is time to build the baby’s first library. Going around the room and have each guest give their book and share the reason why it is their favorite.
Thanks, Delinda.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Supplies: Limited time, computer, printer

Have you run out of time and ideas to create games for your Baby Shower. Well, don't panic these printable baby shower games are fun, fast and come with instructions. Check out some of the offerings now.
Game details

Scratch Off Baby Shower Games

Supplies: Games can be purchased online

Fun random winner scratch off, scratch and sniff and open baby shower games. These games all have on thing in common a random winner so they are good for Diaper Raffles, Creative and Craft Activities and just fun. Each game comes with one winner!
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