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1st Birthday Game - Printbale Baby's First Birthday Game
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Baby's First Birthday Quiz

Baby's First Birthday Quiz

Supplies: Printable game, printer, paper, pens

Your Baby is about to turn 1 and you are planning the his or her 1st Birthday Party. Why not share how much your baby has changed with My First Birthday party game from Party Game Ideas. Our colorful printable game allows you to share their growth and moments during the first year.

We have put together 14 questions for a 1st Birthday Party game. These questions range from personal questions about weight, height, food, diapers, teeth and more questions about your baby and some general 1 year old questions.

Baby's First Birthday Game
Baby's First Birthday Game - Pink, Baby's First Birthday Game - Blue
Comes with 1st Birthday Game, answer sheet and game instructions.
Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe 6 to print the file.

Baby's First Birthday Printable Game

My First Birthday Game
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Available in Pink and Blue

My First Birthday Game in Pink and Blue
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My 1st Birthday Game - Blue $3.95

When you purchase our
Baby's First Birthday Game you receive
My First Birthday Game
My First Birthday Answer Sheet
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Note you will leave the site to make you purchase. Once you make your purchase the Baby's First Birthday game will be emailed to you. How the Printable Game Download Process works.

If you have the time you may want to create your own personalized baby game.
Here are some ideas for your DIY 1st Birthday game.

Create a list of 12 – 20 Questions concerning your baby. Each correct question is worth 1 point and the most points wins. Be sure to have 1 or 2 tie breaker questions just in case there is a tie. We recommend you mix in multiple choice question and blank answer questions just as noted below.  

Sample Questions:
1. When our baby was born he / she weighed “x” now our baby weighs ____ lbs.

2. Baby was “x” inches talk when born, now she is ____ feet ____ inches.

3. Baby started crawling in ________ (name month, Feb, June, etc…)

4. Baby’s favorite baby food was:
a. Carrots         b. Applesauce              c. Peas             d. List other options…

5. in what month did "Baby's name" speak mommy or daddy? ______

That should get you start, now just add your own additional questions involving climbing, walking, clothing size, etc...

This is a fun 1st Birthday party game because you can share stories and photos about special events, embarrassing situations and tender moments that only occur during your baby's first year of life.
Thanks - Sarah

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