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Baby Photo Guess Game

Baby Photo Guess Game

Supplies: Prep time to prepare, baby photos, board, pen and paper

Ask all the adults that are attending to submit a baby photo or early photo and a current photo of themselves.

Keep a record of who is who and place all the baby pictures together and number them 1, 2, 3, up to the last photo.

Now take all the current photos and place them together and letter each photo. A, B, C, etc…

Give your guest and sheet of paper listing the numbers of all the baby photos and ask them to select which adult photo goes with which baby photo.

The guest with the most correct answers wins.

This is a fun 1st Birthday party game that really focuses on the baby theme!

Baby Photo Game Issue - Problem Solver
We received some feedback from several mom's that they were excited about playing this 1st Birthday Game at their party, but found that a quite a few friends didn't have baby pictures of themselves, which is understandable, and that meant there were only a handful of pictures available for the game and hence the game was fun but easy.

We have a few ideas for your Baby Photo Game just in case you need them.

- Lots of Friends and Family with Kids Baby Photo Game
While friends and family may not have baby photos of themselves, they will have photos of their own kids. So you that to your advantage and change the name of your game to "How They Grow - Baby Photo Guess Game"

Ask friend and family members with kids 4 and older to supply a Baby Photo from when their baby was 1 year or less and then ask then to supply a current photo of thier child. We recommend 4 and older so that there is a change in how they look.

Play this game the same as above with guests trying to determine which baby photo goes with which child. Hopefully you will have 10 or more photo sets to work with that will make it more challenging.

- Celebrity Baby Photo Guess

Another options for the Baby Photo Guesing game is to search online for celebrity baby photos, crop, number and place the pics on a document, add the celebrity names to the bottom of the page.

We recommend 12 - 16 celebrity baby photos for this game and by putting together the list yourself you can tailor the stars to your families interest. That way the game will be more fun when you share with guests what baby picture goes with which celebrity.

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